Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Install Papago X3 to Lokatoo

Unlike Garmin XT, install PaPaGo X3 is much more easier, it is as simple as ABC.

No setup required! No Unlock Code required! No Device ID required!


1. We do not accountable or responsible for any damage to your device
2. We have no obligation to guarantee that you will able to install the software
3. We have made the installation guideline clearly, please do not contact us
4. This is just a sharing, those who have no ability to install, you may have to pay minimum installation fees!
5. There are some risk for DIY, please be responsible!
6. Reconfiguration is based on Lokatoo A1000

Installation guide
1. Exit from Navigation

2. Remove the Memory Card from Lokatoo GPS & insert into Card reader

3. REMEMBER Make a backup copy of Lokatoo GPS Software

4. Format Memory Card

5. Download PaPaGo X3

6. Extract downloaded file

7. Copy ALL FILES into Memory Card (PaPaGo Folders, GPSRunFile.txt, GPSRunFile Guider.txt & GPSRunFile PaPaGO.txt)

8. Remove Memory Card from Card Reader

9. Insert Memory Card into Lokataa GPS

10. Restart Lokatoo

11. Tap on Navigation, now you have PaPaGO X3.

Here is the photo shoot!


--- H A P P Y N A V I G A T I N G ---

Current map in the software is MFM-PPG-C091014.

Please download latest map My Asean Free GPS Maps.

If you think this will make your Lokatoo serve better than the original software, I would appreciate if you can contribute a small token for the time I spent for research & testing.


The Full Moon Revolution said...

this given link is Papago Map, it doesn't have any PapagoX3 installer. pls reload again


Benjamin Tan said...

Is there any way to exit papago once it has started running? Cannot see any exit or shutdown icon.

Mr Foo said...

hi.. can sent me papago x3 software for my double din player ??

Lokatoo said...

Before you do anything, consider downloading our new User Interface. We've recently upgraded our navigation software. Version 4.0 is a lot more user friendly. Also looks a lot better.

Aside from the cosmetic changes, we've also incorporated some new features:
1. Telephone Number Search - u can search for destination via phone number
2. Junction View
3. 3D Building

We're still improving as we go. Currently we have 6,000 phone numbers in our database, and our Junction Views and 3D Buildings are predominantly on our Klang Valley maps, but we'll be expanding this very quickly.

Go to our website to download the new UI.

J e n n Y said...

hi, i have a proton gps A800. can i dl papago into it?

mcwong said...

can you repost the papagoX3 download link please? thanks

Steven said...

the link no longer work..can you please re-post? thanks =)

Wannasrul said...

Bro, the link is already dead....can u reupload it again.....Thanks..

Scarlett O'Hara said...

can this method be used in new myvi 1.5se built-in gps??
please help..lokatoo interface is worst than pacman @ tetris..also most roads are not included. is dead bro..huhuhuhu

Tay said...

Scarlett O'Hara let me know if it works on the "pacman" GPS system xD ..

Andi Anderson said...

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mikaljains said...

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mikaljains said...

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