Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Install Garmin XT to Lokatoo



1. We do not accountable or responsible for any damage to your device
2. We have no obligation to guarantee that you will able to install the software
3. We have made the installation guideline clearly, please do not contact us
4. This is just a sharing, those who have no ability to install, you may have to pay minimum installation fees!
5. There are some risk for DIY, please be responsible!
6. Reconfiguration is based on Lokatoo A900

Firstly, you got to make sure the device model is A1000/A800。
A800 / A1000 reportedly feasible, but I do not know.

Then follow the installation guideline accordingly...there are total 26 steps...

Please download the following software:

1. Garmin (Click here to download)
2. KeyGen (Click here to download)

1. Download Garmin and KeyGen
2. Remove the memory card, backup all folders & files in your memory card
3. Format memory card
4. After finish downloading, extract " Proton GPS.rar "
5. Copy “ garmin ” AND “gpsrunfile.txt”, then paste it in the memory card
6. Insert the memory card into Lokatoo, then switch on
7. Click - " Navigator "

8. Click - " connect to Garmin GPS "

9. Click - " I Agree "

10. Click - " Yes "
11. Click - " Done "
12. Click - " setting " (spanar)

13. Click - " setting " (you can skip / ignore " Awaiting Better GPS Accuracy ")

14. Click - " About "

15. Copy " Card ID "

16. Switch Off " Garmin Mobile XT ", insert memory card into your PC
17. Click " keygen " in your PC
18. In " Enter your Unit ID here:" , key in " Card ID "
19. Click - " Generate "
20. Copy " Your GM XT device unlock code "
21. In your PC, click " Start "... click " All Program " ... click " Accessories " ... click " NotePad "...
22. Paste the " Your GM XT device unlock code " NotePad
23. Click " File ", then select " Save as ", enter file name " sw.unl "
24. Select " all file " (DO NOT select " .txt")
25. Copy " sw.unl " and replace it into " Garmin Folder "
26. Remove your memory card & insert it into Lokatoo, switch on Garmin to start using Garmin Mobile XT

PS:If you don't understand about " sw.unl ", please refer to " readme " in keygen



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Muhammad said...

helo...thanks for the info sharing. I have installed garmin in my lokatoo device. But my question is, why we can't save the contacts? Always error in savings. Please help me and thank you in advance.

Kelvin Chong said...

Sorry to inform that I did not try to insert contact. I will try to check the possibility to do it.

Muhammad said...

ok thanks

Muhammad said...

Kelvin, do your audio always reset to 100% when you start the device? Mine always resetting to 100% every time i started the device and also reset back to 100% when start to navigate.

Ahmad said...

Thanks.. its working in my lokatoo device. how to updates the maps

Kelvin Chong said...

You can get the latest map from this forum - www.malfreemaps.com

What now? said...

Hey Kelvin, I've followed steps 1 to 7 but when I tried clicking on "Navigator", Garmin was not launched.. what you think could be the problem? I tried several times but it just wouldn't launch Hmmm

Jing Shyan said...

Me too...Garmin just couldn't launch after the 7th steps...

Using lokatoo A1000

Appreciate your advice

LostDan said...
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Dan said...

If you have problem at Step 7, try following steps:
a) Copy the "ENGINE.ini" & "NK.bin" files (from Original files that you backup earlier) into your memory card.
b) Open up "ENGINE.ini" file and replace it with \Garmin\RunGMXT\Garmin.exe and save it.
c) Delete the “gpsrunfile.txt" file.
d) Restart your GPS, should be able to launch Navigator after that

Hope it helps :)

Janos Skorzeny said...

Bro, can't locate "ENGINE.ini" & "NK.bin" files. How?

17719G1C said...

can please help??

i need to install a sg map so that i can travel around in sg...

Azhan said...

Janos I couldn't located them either. Did you manage to figure it out?

karuntael said...

I can't locate the "ENGINE.ini" & "NK.bin" files either.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

roslan said...

me too. i cant locate ENGINE.ini" & "NK.bin either

Mohd Nazrul Akmal said...

ok guys, you just need to change the directory of the programs inside the gpsrunfile.txt...

when you open the file,it write,
//this file is set path of the file of navigator

change it into,
//this file is set path of the file of navigator

save it,and try again.

Andy said...

Hi... I can't seem to download, using the link...

Steven said...

where can i get the keygen? the link seem not to work

MyLoRd said...

yup..the link for gamin download and the keygen download seem not to work..plss reply..your convenience much be appreciated.. :)

mohz_anz said...

why the sound automatically increase after a few second setup the low volume? any file or setting can set manually increase / decrease volume for Garmin XT on lokatoo?

aD said...

Bro, File 2. KeyGen (Click here to download) dah tak valid, boleh tolong bagi link baru or email pada fazi_fiji@yahoo.com

Kun said...

hi Kelvin, can email me the keygen kun9999@hotmail.com Thanks alot

Adda Shariff said...

hi there,
where do i find latest garmin mobile xt window ce5 for my lokatoo a900 and its keygen? i can't seem to find the right garmin software. it is so frustating to install the garmin whilst i can't stand the lokatoo software. pls help! thanks! addashariff@gmail.com

Unknown said...

hi Kelvin, can u email me the keygen for garmin..the link has expired...

aweet05 said...

Hi Kelvin, I'm also stucked with the 7th step & can't find the 2 back-up files. Hope you can send the 2 files to me at aweet05@yahoo.com. Thanks in advance.

Green Malay said...

Hi kelvin,

can i use the steps to install garmin in ny device(other than Lokatoo?)

Please advice.


AntiqueWatches said...

bro cannot download garmin and keygen How come?

krul said...

Bro...cannot download garmin & keygen..plz email me ho to download it.-krulmuzri@gmail.com

Zhafri Outlive said...

Link broken bro...reupload please...thanks

crissooi said...

produa myvi 2012 model also same install like this?

saiful isaac said...

Bro...cannot download keygen..plz email me to download it. saifulisaac@yahoo.co.uk

albert loh said...

only map from garmin wedsite need unl. code
from malfreemaps garmin 'gmapsupp'no use "sw unl"

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